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Salvatore S.

I am a licensed home inspector in New York and wanted to expand my business to New Jersey. I learned that in order for me to accomplish this I would have to take an inspector course in NJ>l after some resarch I found NJ AHI. As soon as I called I was greeted by Vincent (Instructor). He was very helpful and detailed and epxlained the entire process. Vincent was very knowledgeable about the course and gave me exact insturctions on what my next steps should be. Once I started the classes I met the other instuctor, Nick. He was very knowledgeable, precise, & friendsly! Both instructors are HOME INSPECTORS and CERTIFIED. They are a professional, down to earth and bring a lot to the classroom with their years of experience from the field. I recommend this school to anyone that wants to be an inspector. They teach with pride and professionalism! Thank you Nick and Vincent for your help and guidance!

Mikhail P.l

I am an NYS Home Inspector and was looking to expand into NJ. On my search for a school in NJ to get the msising hours that I need to be up to NJ Standards I found NJ Academy of Home Inspection and met Nick and Vinnie, two outstanding, knowledgeable instructors who are Active Inspectors that were able to teach me new things and helped me to understand NJ Home Inspections. Thank you!

Anthony I

After retiring from a law enforncement career, I was ready to begin the next chapter of my life. hence, I enrolled into the NJ Academy of Home Inspectors. Prior to doing so, I contacted several other training classes, but amazed at the simple fact that I could not contat them via phone! I contacted Vincent Wash and Nick Bruno, who immediately answered the call and had all the answers I needed. The classes are well constructed and held in a updated new facility centrally located discussing every possible issue a home inspector needs to know. both Nick and Vincent are home inspectors and very well experienced at launching a successful home inspection business. So not only did I obtain information necessary to pass the state exam I gained knowledge on how to start, operate, advertise, insuring a business, and so much more useful topics necessary to be successful. After completing y 10 weeks and field training, which were conveniently provided by Nick and Vincent, I took the state exam and successfully passed it thanks to the mentor-ship of two successful entrepreneurs, Nick Bruno and Vincent Wash.

Steve W.

The class takes place in a very comfortable office condo with conveinent free parking. Nick and Vince are very organized and knowledgeable with many firsthand stories and examples from their years of inpsections. The classroom atmosphere is very friendly and casual where students often relate helpful information if they have any exspertise in a particular area as well as the cocasional funny story mixed in. Even though life is pretty busy, I actually found myself looking forward to coming to class and expect to be in contact with many of my classmates and instructors in the years to come.

John D.

I got all I thought, I would and more, by taking this course. Nick and Vince are both outstanding instructors, and well versed in the home inspection industry. The working knowledge they have is apparent and is shared in every class. The course goes beyond others in the curriculum that is followed and materials provided, compared to other Schools. They have every resource you need to get set up, and are willing to help in any way they can. I highly recommend this Academy.

Stephen W.

When I started looking for a school to attain the required classroom hours and prepare for the state licensing test, my first contact was with Vince. In a 20 minute phone call he throughly and patiently answered all of my questions about the course as well as the requirements to become a home inspector. I enrolled a week later and now, after our 10 weeks of coursework is just about over, I couldn't be any happier with my decision.

John G

Recently just completed the course and took my test passed it with flying colors. This is going to be a second career for myself. The school which is run by Nick and Vinny are very professional. They walk you step-by-step through the whole program. not only giving you the knowledge but also giving you the tools to succeed. They are definitely raising the bar in the industry turning out extremely qualified and knowledgeable students. If you want the HARVARD of home inspector schools, this is it.


When I signed up for this course my oinly epxectation was to learn enough information to obtain my state license. What I found instead was that Nick and Vince were willing to share tons of advice on all the different facets of running a successful home inpsection business. They also both emphasied not to hesitate to call them in the future if we have any questions or need any help. I found this course and these instructors an invaluable resources as I navigate forwards toward starting my new business.