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Salvatore S.

I am a licensed home inspector in New York and wanted to expand my business to New Jersey. I learned that in order for me to accomplish this I would have to take an inspector course in NJ>l after some resarch I found NJ AHI. As soon as I called I was greeted by Vincent (Instructor). He was very helpful and detailed and epxlained the entire process. Vincent was very knowledgeable about the course and gave me exact insturctions on what my next steps should be. Once I started the classes I met the other instuctor, Nick. He was very knowledgeable, precise, & friendsly! Both instructors are HOME INSPECTORS and CERTIFIED. They are a professional, down to earth and bring a lot to the classroom with their years of experience from the field. I recommend this school to anyone that wants to be an inspector. They teach with pride and professionalism! Thank you Nick and Vincent for your help and guidance!